Welcome to CRAYzCHICKEN's San Clemente Chicken Co, your seaside escape for comforting bites with an ocean breeze twist! Nestled by the beach, our laid-back eatery brings the best of coastal living to your plate, offering a menu that blends the relaxation of the shore with the heartwarming flavors of comfort food. At San Clemente Chicken Co, we've crafted a selection that captures the essence of beachside dining, emphasizing comforting dishes that mirror the warmth and ease of coastal living.

Dive into the ultimate coastal comfort with our standout dish, the Gochujang FIREBIRD Chicken Tender Roll. Picture succulent chicken tenders expertly rolled with a spicy kick, paired with a crisp slaw, and drizzled with our mouthwatering Spicy Sriracha Mayo—all while soaking in the salty air and the sound of crashing waves. It's a beachfront experience in every comforting bite. Our beach-inspired menu also features classic comfort chicken tender rolls, crispy fries, and vibrant salads, each embodying the fresh and breezy essence of seaside dining.

Imagine enjoying your comfort-inspired meal on our breezy patio, with the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves as your soundtrack. Our team, known as "The Disher Crew," is committed to creating a friendly, beachy atmosphere where you can relax, savor comforting food, and make memories with friends and family. Join us at San Clemente Chicken Co, where every dish is a celebration of sun, surf, and the simple joys of coastal comfort



Introducing our sensational Firebird Salad, a culinary masterpiece that ignites the palate with a perfect balance of bold and refreshing flavors.

This vibrant salad features a crisp medley of fresh greens, including crunchy lettuce and colorful julienned vegetables. What sets our Firebird Salad apart is the enchanting Gochujang Sesame dressing that envelops the greens, infusing them with a harmonious blend of spicy and savory notes.

The dressing, called Spicy Ninja Dressing crafted from the finest Gochujang chili paste, spices & sesame oil, and sesame seeds, creates a dance of flavors that is both invigorating and satisfying.

Topped with a swirl of Spicy Siracha Mayo for added texture & Flavor, the Firebird Salad promises a culinary journey that is as dynamic as it is delightful—a true celebration of bold taste and vibrant freshness.


The transformation from "Gochujang" to "Firebird" in the context of our chicken tender roll involves a creative rebranding...

 that not only captures the essence of the dish but also adds an element of excitement and uniqueness.


"Gochujang," a Korean chili paste, signifies a bold and spicy flavor profile.


By renaming it to "Firebird," we have infused a sense of dynamism, associating the dish with the fiery and vibrant nature of a mythical bird ablaze with flames. This new name not only communicates the spiciness of the roll but also adds an intriguing and memorable touch, enticing customers with the promise of a flavorful and exhilarating culinary experience.