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Firebird Chicken Tenders 3-Piece Meal:
Embark on a culinary odyssey with our Firebird Chicken Tenders 3-Piece Meal, a unique offering from CrayzChicken in exclusive San Clemente. Revel in the bold flavor of three perfectly crispy chicken tenders, each meticulously seasoned in our signature spicy Gochujang marinade. Accompanied by a soft roll and a side of vibrant coleslaw, this meal captures the essence of coastal indulgence not found everywhere. Elevate your dining experience by dipping your tenders into our Spicy Ninja Dipping Sauce—an exclusive creation that adds an extra layer of savoriness. Complete your journey with a generous serving of golden fries, making every bite a symphony of bold, coastal flavors. Order now to embrace the exclusivity of San Clemente, CA, and savor the distinctive essence of the CrayzChicken difference!


Firebird Chicken Salad:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of our exclusive San Clemente creation, the Firebird Chicken Salad by CrayzChicken. Crafted with care, this salad features succulent chicken tenders, expertly seasoned in our signature spicy Gochujang marinade. Nestled atop a bed of crisp mixed green leaf and spinach, it's a burst of freshness that's not offered everywhere. Vibrant red onions, crunchy carrots, cool cucumbers, and a kick of jalapenos add layers of texture and heat, creating a salad that's truly a coastal sensation. Topped with the bold kick of our unique Spicy Ninja Dressing—a sauce so exclusive, nobody does it. Each bite, adorned with a drizzle of our signature spicy Sriracha mayo, is a harmonious dance of bold flavors. Indulge in the exclusivity of San Clemente, CA—order now and experience the CrayzChicken difference!

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